Utility Patents

Attorney Daniel A. Tesler has been providing compassionate, competent, and experienced legal advice and representation to inventors needing legal services in all aspects of patent prosecution. Daniel A. Tesler focuses on helping his clients obtaining a utility patent in the mechanical, electrical, and medical device fields. Because of his vast experience, Attorney Tesler understands the difficulty and complexity of obtaining a utility patent in order to protect your intellectual property.


Contact a Beverly area utility patent lawyer to help you draft and file a utility patent application. We can also help you when you need patent amendments or appeals or any other representation in patent prosecution.

Legal Guidance for Utility Patents in North Shore

Our utility practice includes advice and representation for issues related to:

  • Initial patent counseling
  • Provisional or nonprovisional utility patent application drafting and filing
  • Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application drafting and filing
  • S. national stage applications


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The Law Offices of Daniel A. Tesler is accessible and affordable, and always returns phone calls within 24 hours or less. We are conveniently located at 35 Village Road, Suite 100 – #9781, Middleton, MA 01949. Attorney Tesler will meet with you in person to discuss your case. Call (978) 969-0841 for a free consultation today.

Utility patents

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